The C.F. Gomma Group is today one of the European leaders in the supply of components to the Automotive (Automotive and Industrial Vehicles) and for Industrial industries.
We supply Antivibration Components and air springs, Brake Hoses, Technical Rubber Items (Boots and precision moulded items), Damper Fly Wheels and Profiles in thermoplastic.
We operate in the Automotive industry as both the first installation Supplier as well as in the Spare Parts market. The remaining part of our activity is dedicated to the production of compounds that we use both internally as well as marketing.
Guaranteeing Total Quality has always been the base of the strategy of C.F. Gomma.
Thanks to the internal growth and to the acquisitions made throughout these last few years we have reached an important position within the markets in which we operate, with a production presence in Italy, Poland,  South America, China (in JV) and research and development laboratories Italy, Germany.
The C.F. Gomma Group  has today approximately 1900 employees in 9 plants around the world and has a revenue of approximately 180 Million Euro.

C.F.Gomma S.p.A. - Passirano ( Brescia ) Italia
9 plants in Italy, Germany, Poland, Brazil and China
180 Million € 48% in Italy, 44% in the rest of Europe, 8% in the rest of the world
1900 employees
Antivibration components, air springs, brake hoses, Torsional Damper, technical mouldings, Boots in rubber and in thermoplastic material, Rubber Compounds.


The acquisition of Elastor S.p.A., which specialises in the production of rubber components for the automotive industry, that was successively merged into the current CF Gomma S.p.A.

The acquisition of Itgea S.r.l., a company which operates in the Compounds industry, which was successively merged into the current CF Gomma S.p.A.

The acquisition of Pirelli Sistemi Antivibranti: A company that produces antivibration components, air springs and brake hoses. Pirelli Sistemi Antivibranti controls the company Antivibranti Sud (now CF Gomma Sud) and Amsea (company that produced sheet metal, sold the later years).


CF Gomma Sud S.r.l., a company that produces antivibration components and situated in area of Melfi – Potenza, became operational.

Incorporation of CF Gomma Argentina (Cordoba) for the production and marketing antivibration components and brake hoses for the Gruppo Fiat for the Argentine and Brazilian markets.

Incorporation of CF Gomma Nederland BV (Controlling Holding), of CF Gomma Turchia (Bursa – Turkey) commercial company dedicated to the marketing of antivibration components and brake hoses for the Gruppo Fiat and opening of the Sulmona plant of CF Gomma Sud Srl.

Incorporation of CF Gomma Brasil Ltda., in Belo Horizonte in Brazil and dedicated to the marketing of the antivibration components produced by CF Gomma Argentina. Acquisition of the plants in Columbia City (USA) and Garching (Germany) of the braking system Division of Dana Corporation and contextual incorporation of CF Gomma USA Inc. and CF Gomma Deutschland GmbH.

Acquisition of Paguag & Co. GmbH with head office in Dusseldorf - Germany (now CF Gomma Germany GmbH): a company that is active in the production of items made of rubber and rubber-metal for the automotive industry.

Acquisition of Gruppo PSA Peugeot Citroen of the Pole Elastomere de la Barre Thomas (Rennes – France) which merged into CF Gomma Barre Thomas SA: a company that is active in the production of profiles, antivibration components, low pressure tubes and compounds.

Acquisition of the new line of thermoplastic profile products of Ziliani S.p.A. (Rivoli – Turin; a company that merged into CF Gomma SpA) and of Ziliani do Brasil Ltda (Belo Horizonte – Brazil)

Transfer of production in France, USA, Germany and Italy to Poland ( C.F. Gomma Poland). Transfer of USA production from Columbia City (with plant closure) to Jacksonville (Florida).

Closure of the production activity of CF Gomma Argentina. Transfer of the brake hose production of CF Deutschland (Garching) to Settimo Torinese.

Constitution of C.F. Fukoku Luxembourg S.A., a Luxemburg company incorporated with a Japanese partner and destined to begin production activities on Chinese territory through the JV established in China.

Closure of the brake hose production activity in the USA (company in chapter 7). Closure of the commercial activities of CF Turkey (company that was then put into winding-up)

Constitution of C.F.A. Gomma Co. Ltd . With the scope of utilizing the technological wealth of C.F. Gomma in the air spring industry even within the Asian market, a JV in China was started (C.F.A. Gomma Co. Ltd) for the production of air springs for the local and export market and which started during the year 2006. To the Chinese JV apart from C.F. Gomma S.p.A.,  Fukoku, our partner in Japan, and Guizhou, a Chinese company that produces tyres and air springs will also participate. C.F. Gomma S.p.A. and Fukoku will participate in 51% of the Chinese JV through C.F. Fukoku Luxemburg S.A.

The financial crisis

Closure of the “redressement judiciaire” procedure (procedure that is equivalent to receivership in Italy) of the controlled French company CF Gomma Barre Thomas S.A. and the adoption - on behalf of the Court of Nantes - of the “plan de cession” with the consequent loss of control of the operational activities of CF Gomma Barre Thomas and the Polish controlled company CF Gomma Poland;

After a phase of intense negotiation with potential investors, the control of C.F. Gomma Group is transferred to CF Gomma Holding S.p.A.
    The salient points of the restructuring Plan include:
  • the recapitalisation of the Italian parent company CF Gomma S.p.A.
  • the restructuring of the bank debt of CF Gomma S.p.A.
  • incorporation of CF Gomma Polska and the reacquisition of part of the activities of the ex-controlled Polish company CF Gomma Poland
  • the closure and the transfer of the plant in Melfi of CF Gomma Sud srl
The start of the production activities of air springs in China by means of a JV.


Presentation of the new Industrial Plan of the Group to the interested parties

Transfer of the company branch operational activities of CF Gomma Sud and CF Gomma Spa

Reacquisition of part of the activities in Poland (production for German and Italian automobile manufacturers) obtained after the “redressement judiciaire” procedure. Production performed in two plants in Czestochowa (POL1 and POL2)

Closure of the plant in Settimo Torinese (TO) with the transfer of production to Venaria Reale (TO).

Sale of the real estate property (CF Gomma Sud) and Cinisello (CF Gomma S.p.A. )


Transfer of the activities of CF Gomma Germany to the new site in Düsseldorf

Transfer of the production of air springs from Cinisello Balsamo (MI) to Grezzago (MI) expected within the summer of 2008

Transfer of Polish production from the plant in POL2 to the plant in POL1 expected within the summer of 2008


Incorporation of “ Manifattura Bresciana Gomma S.r.l. “

“Manifattura Bresciana Gomma S.r.l.”, after a spin – off, received the assets of “ Officina Meccaniche CF Materie Plastiche Sas” and then changed its business name to “ CF Manifattura Bresciana Gomma S.p.A. “